Mina & Joey's Wedding - Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

What a way to start the new year! Congratulations to Mina & Joey! Check out these epic photos from an epic wedding at the Tobin Center. So many precious moments and memories and we're honored to have been a part of their wedding celebration!
Our photography & video is where Photojournalism and Art come together to create priceless and timeless moments!
Ardore Means Passion!

Our photojournalism is never posed. Never.

We call this one, 'Art and the Arts!'

We love the perfect symmetry of this composition! And Notice, the Tobin had one of
the engagement portraits we took of the couple kissing in the background on their digital billboard!
Just perfect!

We loved the color in this portrait of beautiful Mina!

Joey adjusted his tie for real and it made for a perfect portrait! Very dapper!

For the first time as husband and wife!

This was during the toasts. We found just the right angle to get this photo of Joey and Mina's
reactions with the giant "Mrs" sign in front of Mina, just giving the moment all the more meaning! That's how we shoot! With purpose and passion!

Mina dancing with her dad, wipes a tear from his eye. What a priceless moment!

We just loved the way the leading lines and color of the wall frames Mina and Joey just perfectly!

Getting perfect moments like this is all about timing and being ready for it!

It's always good to focus on the details of the moment!

Best friends for life!

Nothing like a great angle to make a cool shot like this!

Selfie time! We love to get photos like this of people taking selfies! Always fun!

Those walls again and then, BAM, he dipped her!

We just love how Mina is framed in her circle of friends!

And they lived happily ever after!

Ardore Means Passion!

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