We love to get creative cool!

Through the years, we've had some pretty cool and challenging ideas come to us from our couples and we've come up with a few ourselves! And when we do them, we do them right! Here's some samples of the "outside the box" portraits we've done. We love to take ideas to a whole new level and set the bar higher and higher!

The idea we had here was that the clock just struck midnight and the magazine models
are coming to life.

There are actually four dinosaurs in this photo!
We took photos of each dinosaur to match the lighting just perfectly!
And yes, we did photograph the dinos... well models of them! LOL

This groom was really really into the X-Men.

Used a couple monster models to make this cool portrait!

This groom really packed a punch!

Nothing like a fun family portrait!

When we took this, the bride was actually laying across a coffee table. Then we did this!

This couple below love zombies so we got together with their friends and made this cool engagements, titled, "Date of the Living Dead!"

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